Challenges and difficulties are a part of our every day experiences, and words of encouragement
are helpful in changing our thoughts to focus
on the bright side of life and expects positive results.
It is imperative that we pay attention to our relationship with ourselves,and the quality of our
thoughts  only then are  we  able to make changes and  create  foundations of peace and happiness.
Positive thinking  will  make
everything else in our  lives  much more manageable We will find it easier to deal with challenges
and achieve our goals!

Having a positive relationship with our children is essential to their emotional and social
development. It is the  parents, responsibility to initiate,  develop, and nurture,   positive
relationships. We  can develop and maintain  positive relationships with our  children by providing
them with opportunities,to experience our  unconditional love,patience,  
forgiveness,protection,validation,trust,kindness,understanding,honesty,strength and friendship. Let  
them know that we are always available  keeping them safe and treating them with respect.

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