Olganese Groves, the woman behind the cleaning service,         insist    
that  cleaning is a calling. Given  her perfectionist-driven diligence, it’s no
surprise that Olganese Groves Cleaning Service
specializes in deep cleans, the kind where the fridge gets hosed out and the
kitchen-¬cabinet doors get scrubbed down. Our company also offers “move
in/move out” cleaning—washing inside all the closets, for example, and dealing
with that sticky whatever-it-is on the baseboard that you
discovered only when you moved the couch. And then there’s what we  call
“filth cleaning,” for dwellings that haven’t been touched in months (or perhaps
ever).  Not surprisingly, our staff includes a quality-control person who
conducts impromptu inspections: basically, an obsessive to check up on the

Olganese Groves House Sitting Service! Where we help home owners find
experienced house sitters, pet
sitters and cleaning service  in Palm Beach County, Florida. We are not an
employment agency; however
our house sitters, pet sitters and cleaning staff are part of our exceptional
support team of local individuals
with a long and successful record as specialized pet care workers, house
sitters and cleaning
professionals.  Our caregivers provide assistance to families in need of care
for their pets, even those with
special needs.

Finding the right pet sitter, house sitter or cleaning service worker is a process
involving many steps and a
considerable amount of research, but we are here to help with all the due
diligence in taking care of the
details. We will aid you through the process of finding a pet caregiver
appropriate for your family’s needs
and processing all the necessary documents needed to finalize the contract
between employer and the

Once you have made your choice, you only have to sign a few documents and
the rest will be handled by
our qualified and experienced staff. The entire process may appear very long
and daunting, but making it
simple and quick is why you hired us.

We assist in:

• Obtaining screening and background checks and doing interviews to
determine eligibility
• Matching the right candidate with your individual family’s needs
• Offering a wide variety of applicants suitable to your needs
• Communicating with the potential future caregiver throughout the process,
negotiating the terms and
conditions on your behalf (if requested)
• Problem solving, even during employment, should difficulties arise

Question: What is a "professional" House  sitter?
The purpose of a house sitter is to help the homeowner feel secure that their
home and personal
belongings are safe during their absence. In addition, because most home
insurance policies don’t cover
homes that are empty for more than 30 days, a house sitter may also help you
avoid losing your
homeowners insurance or paying a higher premium.

Typically the sitter will reside overnight for the duration.  However, if you prefer,
the sitter may simply visit
your home daily to simulate activity by doing things like turning the lights on and
off, parking a car in the
driveway, gathering mail, tending the garden and watering plants. These
activities can deter potential break-
ins or vandalism on homes that appear empty.  Our house sitters make daily
visits to the home and will
frequently be seen arriving and leaving, mimicking your typical schedule as
close as possible.

If you have a swimming pool, the house sitter will be responsible for basic
cleaning and maintenance.
They're also responsible for handling unanticipated home repairs that may be
caused by storm damage,
water leaks and appliance malfunctions done. If able, the house sitter may do
the repairs him / herself, or in
lieu of self repair will hire a contractor. Either way, the homeowner must agree
to the scope of the repairs
and pay the expense